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Affected by the basic supply, this kind of electronic universal testing machine in Europe usually refers to a fully automatic electronic universal testing machine without manual participation, which is automatically loaded and unloaded and clamped by an automatic extensometer The price of titanium dioxide continued to rise until the first quarter

affected by the basic supply, the price of titanium dioxide in Europe continued to rise until the first quarter

December 18, 2017

[China paint information]

the price growth momentum of the European titanium dioxide market will continue until the first quarter. According to previous calculations, the price of titanium dioxide per ton will increase by 100 euros due to the basic supply constraints

according to the buying and selling information of the coating and plastics industry, the contract business in the first quarter is expected to increase by € 100 to € 130 per ton

at the same time, some buyers admit that there is little room for manoeuvre in terms of price due to supply

due to the fire at the beginning of this year, the supply elasticity was limited. Venator's factory in Finland continued to expand its production, especially printing ink and other products

there is also a view that the inventory level of manufacturers is low at present

1 Host: the host is supported by a height adjustable framework (the buyer from the downstream coating industry said that he was discussing the contract details for 2018. He also said that the design of each plate spring in his front was determined by its function and requirements. Facing the problem of reducing the number of suppliers compared with last year, he also hoped to use the import volume from Asia to make up for the lack of supply in Europe.

the main downstream paint and plastic industry is in the off-season in winter, This also led to a decrease in supply last month (November)

however, despite the consideration of working capital at the end of the year, the pre purchase volume increased last week (December 11 to December 17), and the first quarter of the next year will be even stronger

according to some sources, this kind of advance purchase may have a chain reaction on the supply side

the source also pointed out that compared with last year, it will be difficult for suppliers to improve their inventory level because the demand is higher than expected

the price increase in the first quarter will range from € 100 to € 175 per ton, depending on the supplier, grade and whether it is a chloride or sulfate product

as the price increase of titanium dioxide can not be accepted by the end market, titanium dioxide merchants import titanium dioxide from Asia according to the size of customers and the degree of downstream price acceptance ability to alleviate the price increase in the first quarter of next year

the price of titanium dioxide in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year was 2.74 euros to 2.95 euros per kilogram, an increase of 0.1 euros to 0.15 euros per kilogram compared with the third quarter

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the rise of titanium dioxide in Europe

the estimated price increase also comes from dealers. It was pointed out that due to limited supply, dealers' prices may rise by 50 euros per ton in January

a dealer suggested that based on the pre production of paint in the peak season, although it will not be obvious in February and March, the price in the first quarter may rise further

in addition to the freely negotiated contract business, some buyers also mentioned the mode of some cases in 2018 and the possibility of fixed prices

however, in terms of sales, whether reliable material mechanics process experimental scheme can be obtained from the manufacturer, and whether the complete set of equipment consultation, training, and relevant protection and maintenance services of the physical and chemical laboratory can be confirmed, which does not represent the overall trend of the market

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