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Affected by the terrorist attacks, the cold wind hit the US chemical industry  e? w  q?  { 

affected by terrorist attacks, is the cold wind hitting the US chemical industry  e? w  q?  { 

Recently, terrorist attacks against the United States, Britain and other countries have intensified in the Middle East and surrounding areas. The serial bombings in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, have pushed this trend to the extreme. The international oil market has reacted violently to this. The oil price in the New York Futures Market on the day of the bombings hit the highest price in nearly eight months of US $33.55/barrel. This makes the prospect of the already dangerous American chemical industry even more worrying, because the high oil price is bound to drive the rapid rise in natural gas prices, which will make the American chemical industry bear higher energy and raw material costs

it is reported that nearly 70% of the enterprises in the American chemical industry use natural gas as raw material and energy. Only Jinan experimental machine factory will design a reasonable solution to meet your testing needs and business status. Less than 30% of the enterprises use oil as raw material and energy. Pisasale, a senior investment adviser of Wilmington trust, pointed out that if the terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies continue in the Middle East, the global oil price will continue to rise, which will lead to a sharp rise in natural gas prices in the coming weeks or months. Because the rising oil price may force more chemical producers to use natural gas as raw material and fuel, there is still a significant gap between them and foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises in automation and integration of the steel bar zigzag testing machine developed in accordance with the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8)), which will make the natural gas that is already in short supply more in demand

the situation that the shortage of natural gas leads to the rise in prices is particularly serious in the United States. Natural gas has become the second largest energy in the United States and is widely used in power generation and heating. In addition, it is also the raw material for the production of various 5, starting beam motor chemical products and other derivatives. According to statistics, the proportion of natural gas in the main energy demand of the United States has risen to nearly 23%, higher than the demand for coal. Generally, American chemical enterprises have a hard time in winter, because on the one hand, the cold weather has led to a sharp rise in domestic heating demand, which has led to a rise in the price of natural gas in short supply, resulting in a sharp rise in the cost of raw materials and energy for American Chemical enterprises; On the other hand, winter is the slack season for the U.S. construction industry and automobile industry, and the market demand for chemical products is weak. This year, in addition to the impact of the rise in oil and gas prices caused by terrorist attacks, this winter is cold for the American chemical industry

in recent days, CEOs of local chemical enterprises in the United States have expressed concern about the performance in the fourth quarter of this year. Dow Chemical achieved a good performance in the third quarter of this year, which doubled its profit compared with the same period last year. However, its CEO recently expressed deep concern about the rising energy prices. It is also proposed that Dow will take all possible measures to reduce the cost of energy and raw materials in the fourth quarter to ensure the stable performance. DuPont also said that it was fully prepared to deal with the impact of rising energy prices, but its performance will still decline in the fourth quarter of this year

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