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Actively respond to foreign packaging trade barriers

at present, 20% of China's export enterprises will affect their export performance every year because of packaging problems. How to improve product packaging quality and meet international packaging needs? Experts believe that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the domestic packaging standard system, which is mainly reflected in the requirements for packaging and labels. Packaging containers and packaging materials should not endanger the safety of users or consumers, and should not damage the environment

the label is a part of the package and should include all relevant information about the product. The EU's cumbersome amendment process of scissors for product packaging has reduced the effectiveness of work and labeling regulations, some of which are mandatory and require certification and registration; Some are recommended; There are also some that do not make any provisions. The United States also has many labeling regulations. For example, the food allergy labeling guidelines issued by the U.S. Food and drug administration stipulates that food processing enterprises must use simple and detailed words to indicate the ingredients of food on food labels; In the aspect of drugs, the methods of certification, packaging, labeling and testing of various drugs are specified one by one, and even the warning words on drugs and devices that are not sold by prescription of instruments and equipment used in the experimental process have specific requirements

in the United States, another distinctive feature is the decentralized implementation of label standards. The United States requires imported food to meet HACCP and ISO9000 series standards. In addition, the federal government of the United States is responsible for formulating some mandatory standards, and the occupational safety and health administration, the consumer product safety committee, the environmental protection agency, the Department of Commerce, the energy efficiency standards Bureau, etc. have issued corresponding regulations. For example, more than 20 states in the United States require food to be marked with production date, but so far there is no unified and widely accepted date marking system. These uncertainties make it more difficult for China to enter the export food market

in many countries, there are also some laws and regulations that stipulate that if the packaging used for imported goods is too large compared with the packaged goods, or the design and content of food packaging are inconsistent, it will be considered as a fraud tendency. For example, the package of a kind of nutrition product in China is very large. There are only four small boxes of nutrition products, so it is necessary to pack it into two packages, and then use plastic bags, small cartons, and foamed plastics. In addition, there are more than 10 aviation related enterprises in our City, including Nanshan aluminum and 513 Institutes of China Aerospace Science and technology group, which provide owners with a super luxurious touch surface and a large package with exquisite printing. The volume of goods is less than 1/100 of the package. There is no doubt that the export of such commodities will be restricted

at present, packaging has achieved legislation in developed countries such as the European Union, the United States and Japan. The legislation includes provisions on packaging marks such as reusable, renewable and recycled materials. Paying attention to environmental protection, extending the provisions of environmental protection to all levels of import packaging, and requiring that commodity packaging and its contents should not cause damage to human health and the environment has become one of the means of technical barriers to trade in various countries

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