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Actively promote the digital workflow (Part 1)

the digital workflow is based on the information digitization, which integrates the management and control of graphic information and production control information in prepress, printing, post printing and related processes. 2.2.2 peripheral circuit design ADC0809 pin functions and processing are described in the following:. That is, a variety of control information on the electric box of the pre press universal experimental machine base, printing, post press and other processes are brought into the computer management, so that the graphic information flow in the whole production process is organically combined with the production control information flow, so as to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and quality and reducing errors

the full digital workflow of printing enterprises should be the comprehensive application of digital production process system and management system (ms

or ERP). Through the digital workflow, the printing plant can not only realize the integration of the whole production process of internal prepress, printing and post printing, but also realize remote transmission through interconnection, closely connect the printing plant with publishers, advertisers, equipment and material suppliers, conduct remote proofing and remote settlement, and bring the whole business activities of the printing plant into the digital environment

application status of digital workflow in China

drupa 2000, digital workflow has become a hot topic in the industry. However, there were few process products at that time, and most of them only cooperated with prepress equipment, and were also provided by major prepress equipment suppliers. The technology was not perfect and lacked integrity. Therefore, the digital workflow was not really popularized and applied at that time, especially in China and abroad. In the four years from drupa 2000 to drupa 2004, the digital workflow has gradually matured and improved, and its application has become more and more extensive. On drupa 2004, JDF became the focus, and the digital workflow was presented with a new look. The publicity is much stronger than that four years ago. Its technology is more mature, many new concepts and functions are added, and the process products are colorful. There are more than 80 manufacturers. Not only the main equipment manufacturers have their own process products, but also many process products from third-party independent suppliers. The digital workflow has entered the practical stage

the application of digital workflow in foreign countries is better than that in China. Therefore, the design of fixture is relatively simple. The scope of application has been expanded from prepress to printing and the whole post press work link. The full digital workflow system based on JDF is also widely used in foreign countries. However, for domestic printing enterprises, the internal and external conditions for the full application of digital workflow are not yet fully mature. First of all, the management mode of domestic printing enterprises is different from that of foreign countries. From the perspective of production links, many foreign printing enterprises use the equipment of one manufacturer, which has the basic conditions to implement the whole process of the same manufacturer. From the perspective of e-commerce, the upstream customers of domestic printing enterprises have not been accustomed to placing e-orders through the Internet; JDF, as a standard, solves the problem of standardization of information exchange. At present, the domestic demand for this is not strong. Domestic printing enterprises are more closed applications based on local areas

the concept of understanding software value still exists in the promotion of digital workflow software in China. The recognition of high-value software is low. The decision-makers of enterprises often pay more attention to the printing and post press equipment that can be seen and have a quick return on investment, and generally lack attention to the pre press. The understanding of digital workflow software only stays at the level of simple functional software, and the understanding of the far-reaching impact of workflow software on the production and management of prepress, printing and even post printing is not deep enough. In the transformation of prepress system, we pay too much attention to hardware equipment, but without the cooperation of software, the best hardware is difficult to play its full value

at present, the digital workflow popularized and applied in China is mainly the Prepress digital workflow, and some are combined with the ink preset system of the printing machine. China focuses on prepress application and some expanded applications around PDF, realizing the transformation from semi digital and semi analog to full digital prepress

at present, most printing enterprises in China implement the following two digital workflow modes

(1) digital workflow based on Imagesetter

digital workflow based on imagesetter is the most common in domestic printing enterprises. Domestic and foreign manufacturers have launched their own solutions for this workflow. Only founder Changliu Chinese digital workflow management system has been installed before the release of founder Changliu V40 in march2005. Most of them are digital workflow systems based on photo setters

advantages of digital workflow based on imagesetter:

① it can make full use of the existing prepress equipment, combine the existing production system with the new system, and give full play to the maximum effect

② it completely solves the cumbersome manual plate making operation in the traditional prepress process, making the plate making operation fast and accurate

③ pave the way for enterprises to further introduce CTP and digital workflow

④ the color level information is stable and reproducible in the transmission process

⑤ it can be "modified at the last minute", because PDF files are small and can be previewed, and problems can be modified in time

(2) digital workflow based on CTP

at present, CTP and digital workflow are based on PDF and JDF data formats, and postscript data or other data formats in PDF workflow are converted to PDF format. Pdf avoids the unpredictability in PS page description language and comes from any application software format. Its singleness proves the reliability of production

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