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now a new fashion is popular in home decoration: soft decoration. It mainly refers to the simplification of basic decoration, with emphasis on furnishing and decoration. This is a new fashion of healthy home decoration, which is proposed in response to the blind pursuit of luxury in the current home decoration, and it is worth advocating. With a house, it's natural to decorate it. However, in the current home decoration, because a few decoration companies are blind to decoration in order to obtain higher profits or consumers themselves, many misunderstandings of home decoration have been caused

in the newly-built community, it is often seen that hundreds of residents of the whole building began to decorate almost at the same time. There is a mentality of comparison among residents. Your home is decorated luxuriously, and my home is even more luxurious than yours. The design and construction personnel of the decoration company are led around by the owner, and are constantly told that the door should be in the style of Zhang San's family, and the living room should be in the style of Li Si's family. It seems that they want to move the most essence of other places into their new house. However, the decoration of new houses has not been completed or has just been completed, and the owners will feel that the style and style of home decoration are not what they originally wanted

many people think that home decoration is too troublesome and laborious, and it is best to achieve it in one step. As a result, some consumers with better economic conditions set high decoration standards, believing that this can be done once and for all

but in fact, it is impossible to achieve the effect of "forever" through "one labor" in home decoration. Because the building decoration materials are updated quickly, it is impossible to ensure that they will not fall behind for many years. Ten years ago, the "floor leather", "mosaic" and "colorful spraying", which were fashionable in home decoration, have long been eliminated; Decoration techniques are also changing with the passage of time, and many methods are no longer in line with the current actual needs. In the past two years, wooden wainscots and gypsum ceilings were widely welcomed by people, but now these have begun to decline

many designers of decoration companies say that some houses are very beautiful after decoration, but once the owners live in, the furniture will be completely changed; The decoration of some houses is very general, but the effect is surprisingly good after putting home furnishings. Why are there two opposite results? This is related to the "soft decoration" of the room. At present, experts in the industry have reached a consensus: the most important thing for family decoration is to reflect the characteristics of the family and be livable; There is no need to pile up a large number of high-end materials, and there is no need to follow suit; The key is to be novel in decoration techniques, and to work hard in the configuration of furniture and the selection of decorations

the so-called "soft decoration" refers to the secondary furnishings and layout of the interior after the decoration, using those decorations and furniture that are easy to change and change positions, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative handicrafts, decorative ironwork, etc. As a movable decoration, home accessories can better reflect the taste of the owner and is the finishing touch to create a home atmosphere. It breaks the traditional boundaries of the decoration industry and recombines handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc. to form a new concept. "Soft decoration" can comprehensively plan the decoration design scheme as a whole according to the size and shape of the room space, the owner's living habits, hobbies and their respective economic conditions, reflecting the owner's personality and taste, rather than thousands of "home". If the home decoration is too old or out of date, and it needs to be changed, it doesn't need to spend a lot of money to redecorate or replace the furniture, so it can take on a different look and give people a fresh feeling

"soft decoration", which costs less money and takes less time, can be designed and arranged by yourself. It is deeply loved by the young generation of fast-paced life and is becoming a new lifestyle




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