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welcome the first full moon of the New Year

the moon is full in the sky, the earth is reunited, the family is reunited, the things in the heart are reunited, and the left and right are reunited. I wish you in every day, popularity, love, luck, wealth, fate, fate, everything as you wish

I hope everything can be a dream come true this Lantern Festival

the difference between Lantern Festival and Tangyuan

Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. On this day, people not only watch lanterns and guess lantern riddles, but also have a family reunion to eat Lantern Festival, which means happy New Year's reunion. Yuanxiao is eaten in the north and Tangyuan is eaten in the south

Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are two kinds of food with different methods and tastes. Lantern Festival usually uses solid sweet stuffing made of vegetable, which is cut into small pieces, dipped in water and repeatedly rolled in glutinous rice flour to a suitable size. Its surface is dry. Glutinous rice balls are filled with meat and vegetables. First, mix glutinous rice flour with dough, wrap the stuffing like dumplings, and then knead it round. The taste of Tangyuan is more delicate and smooth than that of yuanxiao

the custom of eating Yuanxiao

the custom of eating Yuanxiao on the Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is also called "e; Tangyuan "e& quot; Yuanzi "e& quot; Float "e& quot; Water circle "e;, At first, people called this kind of food "fuyuanzi", and later called it "tangtuan" or "Tangyuan". These names are similar to the pronunciation of "Reunion", taking the meaning of reunion, symbolizing the family reunion, harmony and happiness. Eating Yuanxiao symbolizes family reunion like the full moon, and reposes people's good wishes for future life

origin of custom

the custom of eating Yuanxiao originated from when and where, and folk opinions vary. Some people say that it was ordered by King Zhao of Chu in the spring and Autumn period, while others say that it began when Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. First, when King Zhao of Chu passed the Yangtze River on his way back to the country at the end of the spring and Autumn period, he saw something floating on the river, white and yellowish in color, with a pulp as red as rouge inside, which was sweet in taste. People didn't know what it was, so King Zhao sent someone to ask Confucius. Confucius said, "this duckweed fruit is also a sign of rejuvenation." Because this day is the 15th day of the first month. Every day after that, King Zhao ordered his men to imitate this fruit with flour, and cook it with hawthorn into a red filling. There is also a saying that Yuanxiao was originally called tangyuan. When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty arrived, there was a maid in the palace called yuanxiao, who was very good at making tangyuan. Since then, the world has named it after this maid in the palace

Kangying doors and windows wishes you a happy Lantern Festival, a happy family and a healthy companion




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