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Feng Shui problems that are most easily ignored before decoration

first, the home decoration scheme should be harmonious. How to understand? Let's take a family with three children as an example. Everyone has different feelings about the five elements aura, and everyone's aesthetic and home needs are also different. Therefore, the decoration of a home should best meet the needs of the family as much as possible, or take a middle value, so that everyone is willing to accept it as much as possible, discuss more and exchange more. From my experience, most of the houses decorated by "YiYanTang" will often bring a lot of subsequent adverse effects. Generally speaking, a house that conforms to the fate of the family will have a suitable geomantic environment, which is not only the arrangement of key positions such as wealth, kitchen and bedroom, but also the overall style, style, color and many other aspects

take a simple example, you will understand that, for example, the husband's work unit has a lot of things, and he is usually tired at work, so he often needs a quiet, concise and elegant "harbor" type rest and relaxation environment when he returns home. If the house is decorated with a rich Tang emperor, there are exciting colors or decorations everywhere, especially those that do not conform to the colors or patterns that he likes and dislikes in the five elements, it will make him irritable Restlessness, irritability and other bad emotions will certainly affect family harmony and work career. Another example is that in some families, the decoration is dominated by the hostess. The whole pattern and style will have obvious style and preferences of the hostess, which will also give the husband a depressing feeling, leading him to be unwilling to go home and spend time outside

it's really not easy for the couple to work hard to buy a house, and some of them have to bear the mortgage, so we must not deviate from the problem of decoration, let alone rush to move to a new house and decorate at will. It's extremely critical for the couple to spend more time communicating and designing a relatively perfect and harmonious decoration plan. This often neglected problem is often the root cause of the problems of Feng Shui in new houses. Here, I also advise those lazy friends not to avoid prevarication at this time, so as not to leave hidden dangers for future life

second, it ignores the position where people most often stay. Many friends' home decoration, say a word of criticism, is for others to see, not for their own living. A home that is really suitable for families should pay attention to the places where families spend the longest time, especially the places where families often get together, such as the living room and dining room. These locations must be properly arranged, and the decoration should be more comfortable and convenient, so that the family atmosphere can be more harmonious. It's like some people's living room is decorated like a great hall, but the dining table is casually found in a corner to make do. In fact, the living room and the dining table are the places where families sit, lie, chat and rest at home, not the places where foreign guests are received. There is no need to decorate too much. If it is excessive, it will form a bad atmosphere and have a negative impact. Remember that the place where everyone stays the longest at home is the place that needs the most attention during home decoration

III. children's room cannot be ignored. If there are children at home, especially school children, his room is very, very important. We can calculate that in addition to school time, children spend most of their time at home studying and sleeping. From 19 p.m. to 6 or 7 o'clock the next morning, nearly half of their time is in their own room. This shows the importance of this room to children

it's simple to say that most of the children's rooms are one bed, one cabinet, one table and one chair, but few of these simple four kinds of furniture have reasonable layout and appropriate arrangement. In the process of children's growth, what kind of environment is most conducive to children's physical and mental development and learning? I'm afraid many parents have ignored this question? In fact, it is because the child is young. Although the child doesn't know how to express himself, the impact of the environment on the child is much higher than that on adults, and this impact is likely to accompany the child's life. Therefore, parents must not ignore the Feng Shui layout of the child's room





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