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Hidden rules have now penetrated into all walks of life in society. If it appears in an industry, it will have a certain impact on the market order of the industry. It is understood that this "e; Hidden rule "e; The bad phenomenon of has already penetrated into the paint market and is endangering the normal development of the paint industry

◆ industry self exposure: Paint Market " Fleeing goods "e; According to insiders, fleeing has become a hidden rule in the paint industry, a huge market, and it is difficult for manufacturers to find effective countermeasures. However, due to the special nature of paint products, fleeing goods not only causes damage to the interests of manufacturers, but also causes great harm to the interests of consumers everywhere. However, the reasons for serious fleeing in the paint market are still well documented. The main reasons are as follows:

first, the price system is imperfect: the whole price system is composed of primary wholesalers, secondary wholesalers and retailers. The existing pricing method is that different regions have different prices, and the rebate rates of dealers of different sizes are also different, which drives dealers to take risks in cross regional sales

second, the channel incentive policy is inappropriate: the profits brought by sales are the eternal driving force for dealers to fully sell products for enterprises. In view of this, enterprises generally formulate year-end rebate and special incentives linked to sales to expand market share and increase sales. However, when enterprises increase sales indicators, it is also easy to induce dealers to embark on the road of fleeing goods. Some dealers will also fleeing goods to other regions in order to overfulfil their tasks

III. loopholes in channel management: while operating other products, some dealers purchase and sell products in a range different from that of the company. In order to reduce transportation costs, fleeing goods may also occur. In addition, out of the need for competitiveness, the dealers who are fleeing goods will also fleeing goods to other territories. Finally, the market price is chaotic, which may make the company withdraw from the local market. Therefore, when planning the distribution scope, the area should not be too close

IV. coating product packaging defects " Help " Fleeing goods: a production manager of a paint manufacturer said that the production of paint products needs to add different special formulas according to different regions. The author did a test and took out several products to the professional. It was also difficult for him to identify the targeted region from the packaging

◆ industries with persistent diseases " Hidden rules of rebate " The paint industry naturally cannot escape the palm of the hidden rules. The unspoken rule of kickbacks and rebates when selling paint products has become an unavoidable disease in the whole decoration industry, which has been disrupting the normal operation of the paint market. Don't think that only painters can take the owners to the store to get " Rebate "e;, According to some decorated owners and insiders, with the increasing trend of rebates, decoration owners have increased their vigilance, and various more hidden rebate methods have also been introduced. They take rebates based on the appearance of products, deliberately use more paint during decoration, or simply secretly pour out the paint while the owners are not paying attention, etc. I don't know how many owners have been " Black "e; Yes

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